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Holding Tank Pumping


Safe, Efficient Holding Tank Pumping in Topeka, KS

Holding tank pumping is a service that you absolutely can’t neglect, put off, or ignore. The nature of a holding tank requires regular cleaning in order to keep your entire property safe and clean. The local partner that you choose to work with for this service needs to be one that you know you can depend on, and here in Topeka and the surrounding areas of Kansas, Downing Septic is the go-to provider. Businesses and homeowners in the region have called on us for help with their holding tanks, septic tanks, and grease interceptors for more than 20 years.


Scheduling Holding Tank Cleaning

If you need a new partner for this service and you’re searching for “holding tank pumping near me,” you’re likely to find a number of different options in your region. What’s the difference with Downing Septic? We’re not only fully insured and licensed to work with holding tanks of all types, but we also have decades of real-life reputation in northeast Kansas supporting our claims of quality work and reliability. We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there to pump your holding tank and keep your system operating properly.

Installing a New Holding Tank

Building a new property or replacing faulty equipment? Call on us for a consultation and an explanation of the differences between a septic tank system and a holding tank. Each option has its own list of pros and cons, and the decision between the two will come down to the features of your property, its specific locale, and your personal preferences. Our experts are just the people you want to talk with in order to learn what the considerations are and decide which is best for you. Whether you install a septic system or a holding tank, cleaning can be easily scheduled with Downing Septic, ensuring on-time service on a regular basis.



While a septic system provides some level of treatment to wastewater and returns the treated water to the ecosystem, a holding tank is nothing more than a storage receptacle for waste water and solids. Thus holding tank pumping must be accomplished on a regular basis in order to remove the waste, much more often than solid waste removal from a septic tank.
There are quite a few problems that can cause a holding tank to malfunction. Any of these problems require quick attention from an expert service provider like Downing Septic. A cracked tank, malfunctioning pipe connections, and other issues can allow waste to escape from the holding tank into the environment, contaminating it and posing a health risk to people and animals in the area. If you suspect there is a clog, crack, or other problem with your holding tank, give Downing Septic a call or email right away to request an inspection.
Obviously your home’s holding tank is closely linked to the rest of your property’s plumbing system. In addition to holding tank cleaning services, Downing Septic can also address clogged drains, leaking sewer pipes, and other plumbing headaches. Because plumbing problems jeopardize the safety of your entire home, we are available to provide service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
Yes! Unlike a national corporation with higher overheads, higher costs, and call centers that transfer customers endlessly, Downing Septic is proud to be headquartered right here in northeastern Kansas, the same region that we service. When you call our office you can count on personalized service, answers to all your questions, and honest, affordable price quotes.

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Downing Septic was founded well over 20 years ago and has been providing high quality services to the northeast Kansas community in septic system, holding tank, and grease trap/interceptor equipment.

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